WANdisco launches LiveData Migrator on AWS

WANdisco launched LiveData Migrator on AWS today. This is automated, self-service software for moving unstructured data while the source dataset is in active use. WANdisco said customers can initiate migration in minutes, without any consultancy or professional services. The company is offering a free trial with up 5TB data moved.

CEO David Richard said: “Regardless of company size or technical expertise, LiveData Migrator enables businesses to migrate their data risk-free to the cloud on a massive scale without any disruption to business operations.”

GoDaddy has already signed up. It is using LiveData Migrator to initially migrate 500 TB of actively-used Hadoop data to AWS S3. The aim is to make the data available for cloud analytics using AWS EMR. That 500TB will expand to multiple petabytes.

Wayne Peacock, chief data and analytics officer, said: “Rather than running an internal time-consuming and costly manual migration project, using LiveData Migrator has helped us avoid disruption to our production processes and made 70 TB of data immediately available for Amazon S3 testing.”

WANdisco supplies Live Data Platform replication facilities to move data from a data centre to another data centre or AWS and, in preview mode, Azure. “Live” means that the source data can be read and updated while migration is ongoing to a target site.

The UK company is heavily loss-making and the revenue picture is muddied as it transitions from selling perpetual licences to subscription. However, it is buoyed by a recent capital raise of £25m and on the back of strong demand for its Azure software “expects to deliver significant revenue growth in FY2021 with the Board expecting a minimum revenue of $35 million.”