MinIO tilts at AWS with object storage subscription service

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Cloud-native object storage supplier MinIO has launched a subscription service – like Amazon but for private clouds.

Jonathan Symonds

“The MinIO Subscription Network experience looks and feels like it would on the public cloud,” MiniIO CMO Jonathan Symonds said in a blog.

The commercial license brings enhanced support with direct-to-engineering support, one hour SLA, access to a ‘Panic Button’, performance and optimisation audits and diagnostic health assessments of customer deployments. 

Enrico Signoretti, senior data storage analyst at GigaOM, provided an announcement quote: “MinIO has already established the object storage standards for performance and Kubernetes. By adding the Subscription Network experience to their recent features they seek to compete directly with AWS and the other public cloud providers.”

Seagate CIO Ravi Naik also chipped in: “The MinIO team continues to raise the bar on engineering excellence and willingness to work alongside customers to solve any issues. The simplicity of Subscription Network pricing and ease of use gives CIOs cost predictability and Tier I support.” 


The license provides capacity-based pricing and monthly billing, unlimited customer seats for support calls, unlimited issues, annual architecture and performance reviews, up to five-year support on a particular release, guaranteed SLAs and security advisory notices.

There are two pricing tiers – Standard and Enterprise, which customers select based upon their SLA and legal requirements. Standard Tier is priced at $.01 per GB per month and Enterprise Tier at $.02 per GB per month. Pricing is month to month.

Capacity minimums start at 25TB and 100TB respectively. There is also a price ceiling, with no charges above 10PB for Standard and 5PB for Enterprise.

MinIO said its new Panic Button brings to bear the company’s entire engineering organisation within minutes – 24/7/365. Standard customers get one per year. Enterprise customers get an unlimited number.

MinIO’s software is open source, using the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL) v3 license. This requires that full source code is made available to any network user of the AGPL-licensed work. MinIO’s commercial license provides exceptions to this obligation, protecting its customers’ own code.

According to MinIO, enterprises require commercial licenses where AGPL v3 is present, but subscribers still enjoy the benefits associated with open source – namely freedom from lock-in and freedom to inspect the source.