automates stateful Kubernetes migrations

Kubernetes enables stateless containerised app movement between clouds but not stateful ones. Each cloud has its own method of automation, deployment, and monitoring for stateful apps – and that makes app migration difficult.

“No one has effectively solved this problem until now,” says Partha Seetala, founder and CEO of, a cloud automation startup. His company has launched a service on the Robin Platform that “makes it possible to move stateful applications across clouds to support SLAs, latency, cost and other critical business objectives”.

The technology extends Kubernetes with a three-stage process:

  • Create application-level snapshot on the source cloud that captures all metadata, configuration, and data at a point in time. 
  • Push the snapshot to a global repository accessible to all clouds in their infrastructure.
  • Pull the snapshot from the global repository to the target cloud and recreate the application, along with its data and exact configuration

The push and pull operations use a single command or click. 

Robin app portability video screen grab.

Check out a video and read a blog to learn more.


Blocks & Files thinks containerised app portability between multiple public clouds and private clouds will become table stakes for suppliers offering stateful application support. Think Nutanix and VMware, for example.