InfiniteIO extends file tiering to Azure

InfiniteIO has added an Azure Blob backend, to make its file metadata accelerator more suited to Microsoft users.

There are now four public cloud tiering targets: Amazon Glacier, Azure Blob, Google Cloud Platform and IBM’s Cloud Object Store.

Mark Cree, InfiniteIO CEO, said in prepared remarks: “Enterprises can slash their storage spend today with InfiniteIO and Microsoft Azure technology without sacrificing speed or performance for their private and public cloud initiatives.”

InfiniteIO processes NFS or SMB filesystem access metadata in a dedicated system. A typical NFS request could involve seven metadata requests across the NFS network with a single data transfer. InfiniteIO handles the metadata requests locally with its own Application Accelerator and so speeds up network file access.

The software moves files to cloud backend storage and remaps file requests seamlessly from on-premises file access users or applications. 

On-premises S3 object storage targets are accessed via InfiniteIO’s ‘Hybrid Cloud Tiering’ .

InfiniteIO Hybrid Cloud Tiering

The Infinite Insight app scans files in on-premises NAS arrays and identifies those that have not been accessed recently. These files are shunted to object stores on-premises and in the public cloud, to release primary filer store capacity.

Read more about the InfiniteIO technology and Hybrid Cloud Tiering in a white paper (registration required).