Clumio debuts free snapshots with Amazon RDS data protection service

Clumio has expanded its AWS service coverage from EBS (Elastic Block Store) to RDS (Relational Database Service).

The SaaS backup startup, which came out of stealth last August, stores EBS and RDS snapshots in a separate AWS account from the customer’s own AWS account. This “air-gapping” separation adds security, particularly against ransomware, according to Clumio. (Note, the two AWS accounts are on the same AWS online system and so Clumio’s use of the term “air-gapping” is an analogy, not a description of a physical reality.)

Poojan Kumar, Clumio CEO said in a press statement yesterday: “Clumio delivers an authentic data protection service, that protects data outside of customer accounts for ransomware protection and lowers costs for long-term compliance.  There is no other company, product, or service that can deliver these values in the public cloud today.”

 Clumio RDS protection has three attributes: 

  • Operational point-in-time recovery and free snapshot orchestration for EBS and RDS workloads
  • RDS data recovery with restores, granular record and column retrieval and the aforesaid air-gapped snapshots
  • Compliance with long-term retention, record-level retrieval and deletion, export for legal hold/eDiscovery and data store. 
Poojan Kumar

Kumar told us the RDS record and column-level retrieval and EBS file retrieval “is huge and the beginning of more applications and use cases that can be run on top of the data we are protecting… There is much more to come.”

Clumio does not charge for the snapshots that Amazon RDS data protection creates, Kumar told us. “When it comes to the snapshot orchestration that everyone else charges for, that functionality is available in our free tier that is available for every customer.”

He said: “Enterprise customers tell us there isn’t much value in snapshot orchestration so we are instead focused on what is valuable to them – lower TCO for long-term retention and compliance for their data in the cloud.”

Kumar then took the gloves off: “No longer do customers need to pay for a product that just does snapshot orchestration. They can manage in-account snapshots with Clumio’s free tier. This throws out the window any product to protect cloud workloads by players like Rubrik, Cohesity, Druva, etc.”

Brian Cahill, technology director at FrogSlayer, a Texas software developer, provided a customer quote: “Clumio seamlessly handles operational recovery while significantly reducing our snapshot costs. Even better, I don’t have to worry about snapshot limitations, or develop scripts and retention algorithms because Clumio handles all of this. We now have line of sight to significantly reduce our TCO for long-term data retention since it is an integral part of the Clumio service.”

Clumio’s SaaS backup also protects VMware, VMware Cloud on AWS and Microsoft 365. Clumio for Amazon RDS goes live on June 11.