Cloudian object storage gains observability and analytics tool

Cloudian has released HyperIQ, a monitoring and observability system for its HyperStore object storage platform. The analytics software gives a single view of the Cloudian object storage infrastructure across the estate and can reduce mean time to repair, increase system availability and save costs, the company said today.

Functionality includes monitoring with real-time interactive dashboards and historical data, Customers can analyse resource utilisation by data centre, node, and services with drill down, using customisable dashboards. There are more than 100 available data panels for the dashboard.

HyperIQ screen.

Customers can monitor user activities, provide insights into usage patterns such as uploads/downloads, API usage, S3 transactions, request sizes and HTTP response codes and enforce security and compliance policies.

HyperIQ identifies trends and faults and send alerts, causing the creation of support cases, repair activity or system tuning to optimise operations. The software issues alerts for predicted hardware failures, assessing maintenance needs, and avoiding performance impacts. These alerts can be sent through multiple notification channels such as Slack, OpsGenie, Kafka and PagerDuty. HyperIQ also has a ServiceNow plug-in.

HyperIQ disk IO write time chart.

HyperIQ 1.0 supports HyperStore. The company will release an update later this year a version that supports HyperFile, Cloudian’s file gateway to to HyperStore. Cloudian’s ultimate goal is to make HyperIQ an AIOPs self-driving management tool.

Two versions of HyperIQ are available: HyperIQ Basic includes pre-configured dashboards and is offered to customers at no charge. HyperIQ Enterprise includes the analytics features, and is licensed by capacity at 0.025 cents per GB per month, including support. You can check out a HyperIQ datasheet for more information.

Cloudian said it has not yet looked at integrating HyperIQ with HPE InfoSight – HPE is a Cloudian reseller.