Rubrik delivers faster vSphere backups, quicker Oracle restores and stronger compliance

Rubrik is speeding up its software for Oracle and vSphere customers and has made compliance easier with Andes 5.2, the latest release of its cloud data management suite.

Rubrik president Dan Rogers said today: “We are introducing a significant performance boost for organisations that rely on monster VMware VMs. DBAs will also have access to new tooling that will make it easier to do their jobs, with more control to quickly deliver clones when needed.”

Andes 5.2 provides multi-node streaming for vSphere, as Rubrik blogger Roman Konarev explains: “Rubrik breaks down a large VMDK into smaller pieces called shards and processes them in parallel on multiple Rubrik nodes.” That can mean up to five times faster backups for multi-terabyte virtual machines and a 3x restore speed increase. Rubrik says the software has export resumability, making it more resistant to temporary network interruptions.


Oracle database admins get faster database cloning for test and dev. A Rubrik blog by Saurav Das explains that the LiveMount feature can clone a production database onto an alternate host without having to provision storage there. No file copying is involved – the Oracle data files are mounted directly from the backups, using an NFS share on the target host.  

A damaged database can be restored to the most recent state before a failure and near-zero recovery times can be achieved – irrespective of the database size – by mounting Oracle database files on the Rubrik cluster via an NFS share. When the database is fully recovered, DBAs can migrate the files from the Rubrik cluster to the target host.

Andes 5.2 supports Oracle Database Appliance, Oracle Exadata, Oracle 12cR2, 18c, and 19c, Oracle RAC One Node, Oracle RAC, and Oracle Direct NFS.


Compliance admins get a new set of pre-defined roles so they can grant safe access to sensitive data faster. Data snapshots can be placed on indefinite hold to meet legal and compliance needs. Data can be replicated to multiple instead of single targets and stored data objects that fall out of compliance to prescribed service level agreement policies can be automatically identified.

Andes 5.2 enables SQL Server DBAs to download the snapshots and transactions log files that comprise a backup, making it easy to transfer and use the log files for audits.

Lastly, Pure’s FlashBlade can be used as an S3 archival target.