Every data storage product pic needs the human touch

So how to give a sense of scale or indeed liven up a boring product shot? Simple, use the human touch – as is literally the case in the picture below. You can see a disk drive being extracted from a Western Digital Ultrastar Data102 enclosure. (We used the picture in a Acronis uses WD JBODs story).

But who is the hand model?

Read the email I received to find out.

Hi Chris,

Thanks to Blocks and Files, I can now check being “famous” off my bucket list. Imagine my surprise to see my photo on your website. (Or at least my hand is famous. That’s me pulling a disk cartridge out of a WD Ultrastar Data102.)

Thanks for making my week a bit more interesting. I’ve now shared this with all my friends and will arrange autograph sessions once the shelter-in-place order is lifted. 😉


Candace Doyle

Candace is Candace Doyle, senior director of sales and marketing at the Linley Group. Before that she was a senior marketing manager at Western Digital, where she was pressed into service for as a hand model for the pic above.

If there are any more storage people lending anonymised arm or limbs to product shots, do let me know and I’ll add you to our wall of unsung storage heroes.

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