Zerto 8 extends VMware backup and DR to Google Cloud Platform

Zerto has added support for backup and disaster to VMware workloads on Google Cloud Platform via its latest software release.

Zerto 8 makes its official debut tomorrow, March 24, in a webinar at 11am (ET) . A blog provides a sneak, watch-the-webinar, preview.

Google is prepping a VMware Engine andwill announce VMware-as-a-service this summer, according to Zerto, which will provide a backup and DR facility. The backup and disaster recovery supplier already supports VMware workloads on AWS and Azure.

Zerto said in the company blog: “You’ll be able to protect and migrate your native VMware workloads to your dedicated VMware environment in Google Cloud using the same policies and configurations that you utilize for your current infrastructure, just in the cloud. Stay tuned for Google’s public announcement.”

Zerto announced v7.0 in April last year, and combined backup and disaster recovery using hypervisor-based replication and journalling for short- and long-term retention.

Zerto 8.0 features include:

  • Deeper AWS and Azure integration for more automation and orchestration,
  • Support for VMware VVOLs, with VVOLS being usable for protection and recovery,
  • New user interface and app consistency across short-term (backup)and long term (DR) workloads,
  • Added analytics to check on state of backup and DR files and issue alerts if boundary conditions exceeded, such as to minimising the risk of failed retention jobs due to lack of storage capacity.

Zerto v8.0 Release Notes provides more details, on Zerto Analytics, for example. But they say nothing about Google Cloud Platform support. We note there is no support for Hyper-V virtual machines on the Google cloud.