Nutanix Objects 2.0 sinks hooks deeper into Splunk for some big data loving

Nutanix has enlarged the capacity of its object store, deepened Splunk integration and improved inviolable archiving to give users more control of the unstructured data fire hose.

The company’s aims for Nutanix Objects 2, launched today, is to make Nutanix systems more attractive for big data analytics by storing, managing and using more unstructured data at lower cost.

Nutanix has corralled a quote from Amita Potnis, research director in IDC’s Storage team: “Object storage is rapidly becoming the storage of choice for next gen and big data applications. As object storage makes the leap from the cloud to the datacenter and mission critical workloads, economics must be balanced with performance.” 

Scale up and out

Nutanix Objects 2.0 supports 240TB capacity nodes, which is 1.8 times more than the existing NX-8155-G7’s 135.36TB capacity. Put five of these 240TB nodes in a cluster and you scale up to 1.2PB of raw object capacity.

The upgrade adds a single object namespace across clusters to enlarge an object store to massive scale, according to Nutanix. IT admins manage the namespace from a single console and they can add unused – ‘stranded’ -storage capacity in a set of clusters to an object store. improving effective costs. The degree of improvement that can be achieved is dependent on available stranded capacity.

WORMs and Splunk

Nutanix Objects already supports write-once-read-many (WORM) storage to prevent written objects being changed. A WORM object is stored as a specific numbered version, and any update attempt creates a newer version. Nutanix Objects 2.0 makes this easier with users able to to lock content without enabling versioning.

Splunk software is used to ingest machine-generated data, index it, search for patterns and analyse the data. A SmartStore function acts as an indexer that uses locally-cached data or remote object stores, either on-premises or in an S3-compliant cloud. Nutanix Objects 2.0 is integrated with SmartStore so joint customers can run Splunk workloads on Nutanix software, and use Nutanix Objects for the object store.

Nutanix Objects 2.0 is generally available.