HPE gives SimpliVity HCI a speed boost

HPE has given SimpliVity HCI a speed boost by using more flash drives or faster spinning disks.

The company has not publicised the upgrade as far as we can see. We learned of the news via an announcement by Bitcon, an HPE-specialist consultancy based in Belgium.

HPE’s SimpliVity hyperconverged portfolio includes the 325 and 380 models, based on ProLiant Gen 10 servers, which launched last June. The 380 (all-flash) and 380 H hybrid (SSD + HDD) used hardware acceleration for data reduction.

Simplicity 2U rack enclosure

A 380 G all-flash system minus the hardware accelerator came later. There were two versions, the x6 with 6 x 1.92TB SSDs, and the x8 with 8 x 1.9TB SSDs, to give 7.5TB or 10TB of usable capacity.

These are renamed the x12 (12 x 1.92TB) and x16 (16 x 1.92TB), with 15TB and 20TB usable capacities

The hybrid 380 H also gets a new configuration, using 10,000rpm small form factor (2.5-inch) disk drives instead of the slower 7.200rpm 3.5-inch drives used currently. This makes it faster-responding but also lowers raw capacity from 32TB of disk storage to 24TB. It also has a higher ratio of SSD capacity to disk drive capacity.

The original 380H was positioned as archive and data protection node for DR purposes, according to Bitcon. It says the new 380H is fast enough for general purpose virtualization workloads.

Here is HPE’s table listing the available SimpliVity models;