Dell EMC’s Secure Remote Services recovers itself from own outage

Secure Remote Services, formerly ESRS, is a “secure, two-way connection between Dell EMC products and Dell EMC Customer Support that helps customers avoid and resolve issues. It “supports Dell EMC storage (except PS and SC series), networking, and converged products.” And it operates 24×7. Only not on January 15 and 16.

Reddit user u/bpoag posted on Wednesday Jan 16: “We’ve got a bunch of EMC arrays throwing whiny but inconsequential errors about not being able to call home via ESRS… We’ve been told by a manager in EMC connectivity support that there’s been a global ESRS outage since about 2AM yesterday morning. Any clue what’s going on, and why in the hell they’ve been in the ditch this long?”

An industry insider said: “Global outage apparently. Can’t dial in to field systems. Not sure how it happened.”

A Dell EMC spokesperson said late on Jan 16: “Our customers were made aware via passive notification that ESRS was experiencing downtime, temporarily pausing some remote support services but not adversely impacting product operations. Service has been restored for all customers.”