Komprise attacks AWS cloud file storage fog with cut-through software service

Komprise has extended its file storage usage and cost tracker to the cloud. It is showcasing Cloud Data Growth Analytics (CDGA) this week at AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas. Costs and availability are unclear at time of publication.

CDGA maintains an index of cloud file storage items, buckets, tiers, activities and costs. This is collated for the customer across their AWS accounts and the storage tiers inside each account. Storage admins can track file storage costs by tier and by account, see how capacity usage is trending and set cost alerts.

Komprise CEO Kumar Goswami issued a quote: “Customers have been asking us to expand our Data Analytics capabilities to the cloud since cloud visibility has been even harder for them.” 

CDGA effectively mirrors Komprise Deep Analytics functionality for on-premises users. The file lifecycle management software supplier can tier files between fast, expensive storage and slower, cheaper longer-term storage such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Applications do not have to change their file access methods. NetApp Cloud Volumes is supported as well.

Extension needed

Tracking file storage usage across different filers and tiers in local and remote data centres is guaranteed to give storage admins headaches. Adding in public clouds turns them into full grown migraines.

In a hybrid environment, all the management controls available on-premises need to be extended to any public cloud. And this needs to be handled via a single management console.

Komprise already supports tiering files to Azure and the GCP, It seems reasonable to imply it will extend CDGA to Azure and GCP – maybe as early as 2020.

Blocks & Files diagram of potential Komprise CDGA extension to Azure and GCP.