NetApp makes its files services generally available on Google cloud

NetApp has announced general availability of Cloud Volumes Service and Cloud Volumes ONTAP for the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). It has also added support for Google Anthos on NetApp HCI. This brings Google’s cloud into parity with AWS and Azure in the NetApp Data Fabric storage universe.

Cloud Volumes Service

Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud is a fully-managed, cloud-native NetApp file service for running production workloads. It is also available for the Amazon Cloud but not on Azure, where NetApp and Microsoft have developed Azure NetApp Files instead.

Microsoft sells and supports the service which provides ONTAP storage and data management capabilities for storing, moving and deploying file-based workloads in Azure.

NetApp also has offers Cloud Volumes Service On Premises, a fully managed, pay-per-use data storage service.

Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Cloud Volumes ONTAP has built-in high-availability failover functionality. On-premises data can be auto-tiered to these targets with a NetApp Cloud Tiering Service.

NetApp has been developing its Cloud Volumes support for GCP since last year

Google’s Anthos hybrid cloud uses Kubernetes to enable application container movement between on-premises systems and the AWS, Azure and GCP clouds. NetApp HCI support means the HCI system can become a source and target for containerised app movement.

Here is a summary table of NetApp’s multi-cloud volumes and Kubernetes services:

Regional thinking

Users deploy NetApp HCI as a private cloud resembling a general public cloud region. 

All this means that customers view IT as a deployable services within a hybrid cloud. They choose to deploy services across private and, for NetApp HCI, private cloud regions, with the three main public clouds supported. NetApp’s goal is to deliver a unified NetApp data fabric, layered across public clouds and customer data centres.