S3, file access and high performance… this is not your old object storage

GigaOm analyst Enrico Signoretti has published Key Criteria for Evaluating Enterprise Object Storage, a report covering 12 vendors in the context of a market that needs faster object data access and which has adopted the S3 protocol and file storage access.

The suppliers – and product names – are: Caringo Swarm, Cloudian HyperStore, Dell EMC ECS, Hitachi Vantara HCP, IBM Cloud Object Store, Minio, NetApp StorageGRID, OpenIO, Red Hat Ceph, Scality RING, SwiftStack and Western Digital ActiveScale.

Western Digital has signalled ActiveScale is up for sale so there is a question mark over its future.

Key Criteria for Evaluating Enterprise Object Storage explains object storage, various implementation methods and concepts such as erasure coding. Signoretti ranks the suppliers for GigaOm ‘Go Awards’, using seven criteria; file services, multi-tenancy, security, performance, index search, serverless functionality and cloud integration:

The Go awards are intended ‘to give the reader a quick market overview on the most interesting implementations available in the market and how they can be valuable for the user’.

The report also uses six metrics; $/GB, efficiency, flexibility, manageability, ecosystem support and total cost of ownership, and dishes out more Go awards for performance. 

Signoretti describes the individual criteria and explains how and why suppliers were given an award. Each metric is explained and the report describes why the selected suppliers were singled out.

He positioned the vendors on a spectrum that runs from high-performance to niche use cases. A diagram provides a neat shortcut way of positioning the competitors.

Read a summary here. The report is available to GigaOm subscribers, who typically pay $95 a month or $995 a year.