NetBackup goes ROBO as Veritas takes it to the edge


Veritas has made a small version of its SME Flex 5240 appliance for remote and branch offices and other edge computing sites. Both versions of the new 5150 run a containerised version of NetBackup as does as the data centre Flex 5340 appliance,

The company cities a Gartner forecast that 50 per cent of data will be created and processed away from public clouds and on-premises data centres by 2022. That data should be protected and so Veritas is stepping up with a ROBO appliance that needs no local IT manager.

The 5150 holds up to14.55TB of usable capacity, a long way short of the 5240’s 294TB and 5340’s 1.9PB usable capacity. It runs at 5TB/hour doing server-side deduplication and 10TB/hour with client side dedupe. The equivalent 5240 numbers are 13TB/hour and 53TB/hour, while the 5340 numbers are 37TB/hour and 196TB/hour.

The appliance protects and restores data at the edge site, and integrates with NetBackup in the data centre and the cloud. Backup data can be sent to the cloud by creating a CloudCatalyst container from the menu on the Flex console. Deduplicated data can then be transferred.

Phil Brace, Veritas EVP for storage solutions, said in a press release that the 5150 is an exciting first step. This implies there will be more appliances or instantiations of NetBackup for ROBO sites – perhaps as a SaaS offering. Veritas already offers SaaS backup for Office 365.