Intel showcases the 665P – a faster, denser consumer-level QLC flash drive

Intel has launched the 665P – a faster version of its 660p quad-level cell NAND flash drive.

Blocks & Files saw the drive today at an Intel Memory and Storage day in Seoul, Korea.

The 660P is an M.2 format drive with a PCIe 3.0 x4 and NVMe v1.3. interface. It supports 0.1 drive writes per day (DWPDF) and has a five-year warranty. The drive uses SLC write cache and has 256MB of DRAM on board. It has random read/write IOPS numbers of 220,000/220,000 and 1,800MB/sec sequential read and write bandwidth. Here is a picture: 

And here is the 665P, looking almost exactly the same; 

Intel showed a CrystalDiskMark v7 benchmark test comparison of 1TB versions of the 660P and 665P.


665P 1TB

The summarised numbers are;

  • 660P sequential read/write – 1,229/1333 MB/sec
  • 665P sequential read/write – 1,817/1,888 MB/sec
  • 660P random read/write IOPS – 13,137/37,105
  • 665P random read/write IOPS – 17.279/47,608

The 660P uses 64-layer NAND while the 665P uses 96-layers. Dave Lundell, head of strategic planning and marketing for Intel’s Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group, said the media is better and the ASIC and firmware on the drive are also improved.

The 665P will hit the streets in the fourth quarter. No pricing information is available yet.