Data ingest and backup vendors flock to Pure Storage platform

Pure Storage has teamed up with Cloudian, Komprise and Veritas to offer customers ways of protecting FlashArray data and migrating data to/from FlashBlade.

FlashArray is Pure’s block access flash array for primary and structured data. FlashBlade is its file/object array for unstructured data. 


Cloudian has integrated its HyperStore object storage system with the CloudSnap feature in FlashArray’s Purity OS. CloudSnap takes a FlashArray snapshot and sends it to AWS S3-compliant storage; HyperStore in this case. 

CloudSnap connects with HyperStore as a backup, archive or DR target via an S3 API, providing policy-based, data transfer, including moving portable snapshots to and from HyperStore.  

From there Cloudian can send it on to the public cloud for longer term and cheaper retention. 

A FlashArray would be linked to Cloudian for backing up snapshot data where the fast restore feature from Pure’s FlashBlade file/object storage flash array is not needed.


Komprise’s file information lifecycle management software can be used to ingest data into FlashBlade. The software is included in Pure’s FastStart, a customer on-boarding program for FlashBlade. This is available for a set period after which FlashBlade customers could become direct Komprise customers and also continue using the product. 

Krishna Subramanian, Komprise co-founder and COO, told Blocks & Files this week at the Pure Accelerate event in Austin TX, that this is up to twice as fast as other ways of achieving FlashBlade data ingest such as RoboCopy. That’s because Komprise has optimised its parallel IO software to take advantage of FlashBlade’s parallel IO.

Komprise supports NFS and CIFS/SMB file sources with S3 object source support coming, possibly in 2020 and in time for Amazon’s ReInvent shindig.

The Komprise software could also tier data off FlashBlade to cheap-and-deep backend targets for long-term retention.


There is an existing though limited partnership between Veritas and Pure. Veritas’s NetBackup supports snapshot-based protection for FlashArray and FlashBlade in AI Data Hub form. FlashBlade can also be a storage target for Veritas software.

Veritas has added three more integrations:

  • InfoScale for mission-critical levels of performance and 24-hour availability
  • APTARE IT Analytics to optimize capacity, utilisation, performance and compliance with data regulations
  • The Veritas Access Appliance can be a long-term retention storage target for FlashArray data snapshots

Altogether these integrations means the entire Veritas Enterprise Data Services platform links to FlashArray and FlashBlade.