The A-Z of Asigra and Zadara’s anti-ransomware appliance

A backup appliance that resists ransomeware has been developed by Asigra and Zadara.

The Asigra Cloud OpEX Backup Appliance comprises Asigra’s Cloud Backup V14 software with the Zadara Cloud Storage Platform, a virtual private storage array.

Effectively the array is an inbuilt high-availability target store to hold Asigra backups.

It’s sold on a subscription basis and can be deployed on premises, at a colocation facility, or in the public cloud. The Asigra appliance software converges data protection and cyber-security to counter malware attacks on backup data. 

Zadara co-founder and CEO Nelson Nahum was ebullient about the new system: “Our mutual partners and customers are raving about the Cloud OpEX Backup Appliance as it is the first of its kind to protect backup data against the ominous threat of ransomware.”

The Zadara-Asigra appliance may be the first such appliance to protect against ransomware but it’s not the first backup product to resist ransomeware.

Other backup suppliers, such as Acronis, have combined cyber security and backup software to protect against ransomeware and other malware. Backup suppliers with support for tape-based backup stores, such as Veeam and Quantum, mention the air gap between IT systems and offline tape as an effective anti-ransomware measure too.

The Asigra OPEX Backup Appliance is available through authorized partners and pricing starts at pennies per GB per month for a virtual appliance configured with 30TB of storage and the ability to scale to multiple petabytes.