Your tasty storage collection of files, flash and the cloud

The themes of this collection of storage news bytes revolve around backup, parallel file access, the public cloud and flash, meaning data at scale and fast data access.

We also have a couple of in-memory supplier announcements and Formulus Black uses its dynamic bit market tech to accelerate data analytics queries by up to 70 times. There’s more, so read on.

IBM extends Spectrum Scale

Spectrum Scale is IBM’s parallel access, scale-out file system for enterprise and high-performance computing. Spectrum Scale Erasure Code Edition provides Spectrum Scale on the customer’s choice of commodity hardware with network-dispersed Spectrum Scale RAID.

It supports four different erasure codes: 4+2P, 4+3P, 8+2P, and 8+3P in addition to 3 and 4 way replication. Each Spectrum Scale Erasure Code Edition recovery group can have 4-32 storage nodes, and there can be up to 128 storage nodes in a Spectrum Scale cluster. Documentation, here.

Panzura releases Freedom 8

Cloud storage gateway and file sync and sharer Panzura has announced its Freedom 8 multi-cloud file services platform.

It has Cloud Mirroring to mirror data to two or more clouds. It protects against cloud outages, accidental deletion of cloud buckets and doubles cloud storage availability. There is automated failover for local and global high-availability (HA) filers to keep services running without disruption.

The software is available from mid-July onwards.

StorCentric acquires Retrospect

StorCentric, the private-equity backed company consisting of Drobo and Nexsan, has added backup to the portfolio with acquisition of Retrospect.

Retrospect has a bit of history. Originally part of Dantz Corporation, formed in 1984, EMC bought Dantz, and Retrospect, its consumer/prosumer/small/medium business backup product, in 2004. In 2010, EMC sold Retrospect to Sonic Solutions. Sonic rebranded the company as Roxio Retrospect, and was promptly bought by Rovi Corporation.

Rovi spun off Retrospect as a privately-owned company in 2011 and the product continued being developed and sold.

It can backup a multitude of source systems and integrates with twenty or so cloud storage providers, including Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, and Dropbox. StorCentric says there are more than 500,000 Retrospect customers in 100+ countries, and Drobo customers will now be able to use it.

Retrospect will operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of StorCentric. A company blog states: “With StorCentric’s resources, we’ll be able to push Retrospect Backup forward even further with new features and support for more platforms, and our customers and partners will continue to receive the same top-notch service from our excellent Sales and Support teams.

“We’re really excited to be part of the StorCentric family, so we can continue improving Retrospect Backup.”

Supermicro lays down NVMe rulers

Supermicro has announced all-flash BigTwin and 1U Petascale Systems configurations using the EDSFF (Enterprise and Datacenter Storage Form Factor) ruler format NVMe flash drives. These drives have, it claims, 6 times more throughput and a 7 times latency reduction over non-NVMe flash storage.

It says EDSFF E1.L drives have 16TB raw flash capacity now and will doubling capacity in the coming quarters. The E1.S format drives are 4TB raw when available, and doubling in the next iteration.

Supermicro’s EDSFF-supporting systems.

The 1U Petascale E1.L supports 32 x E1.L drives; the Petascale E1.S 32 x E1.S drives; and the Petascale JBOF supports 32 E1.L drives for storage expansion. 

The BigTwin 2U four-node system offers the highest performance (IOPS/GB) with ten E1.S drives plus two SATA M.2 per node.

These systems are available now.


AOME Backupper has been upgraded to V5.0 with a brand new interface.

Cohesity has run a UK survey with findings showing mass data fragmentation is a barrier to successful public cloud data storage. It says removing fragmentation can have wide-ranging benefits and, of course, its software does precisely that.

Druva has announced its Compass partner program with expanded enablement resources, an accreditation curriculum, and a streamlined sales process. The accreditation process involves training to align to certifications with ecosystem providers like AWS and VMware. The Druva Compass program is immediately available to partners in North America and EMEA and will be available globally later this year. 

Elastifile, which provides scalable file storage, has announced a provider plugin for HashiCorp Terraform supporting Elastifile Cloud File Service, its managed file storage service on Google Cloud. 

EnterpriseDB, a Postgres company with 4,000 enterprise customers, has been acquired by private equity firm Great Hill Partners. Financial terms of the private transaction were not disclosed. The announcement sys EnterpriseDB has been growing over 40 per cent year over year and has experienced 37 consecutive quarters of subscription growth.

Formulus Black has partnered with data analytics company Looker to increase query performance up to 70x without database migrations or changes. The Looker software uses Formulus Black’s Forsa software to run at memory channel speeds. 

GigaSpaces, the provider of InsightEdge n-memory real-time analytics processing, has teamed up with Tableau, an analytics platform, to help enterprises accelerate customized BI visualizations on their operational data.

GridGain Systems, a provider of enterprise-grade in-memory computing offerings based on Apache Ignite, has announced new GridGain Developer Bundles, which include Support, Consulting and Training for GridGain Community or Enterprise Edition. 

IBM Spectrum Archive EE version has been released with support for Spectrum Scale 5.0.3 and RHEL 7.6. It can allow all tape drives to be in zone to all Spectrum Archive nodes and tolerate clusters configured with separate admin networks. The eeadm migrate function allows migration of file lists composed with the find command and provided through STDIN. There is no need to run a LIST policy first. Find more information about the changes in here

ObjectiveFS v6.3 has been released with the memory allocator being more robust in low memory situation and two new mount options: nomem and retry. The nomem mount option selects mount behavior when out of memory and theretry mount option is for retrying connection to an object store upon start up. FUSE for macOS has been updated to version 3.9.2. Release notes here

Oracle has announced the availability of its Oracle Autonomous Database Dedicated service, claimed to which provide customers with the highest levels of security, reliability, and control for any class of database workload. This provides customers with a customisable private database cloud running on dedicated Exadata Infrastructure in the Oracle Cloud. Oracle says it uses machine learning to provide self-driving, self-repairing, and self-securing capabilities.

Pavilion Data Systems’ Hyper-Parallel Flash Array is now part of the IBM Global Solutions Directory, meaning it can be used with Spectrum Scale (parallel access scale-out file system). The combination gives more access to data, with performance and scalability increases. See video here

Snowflake, the cloud data warehouse firm, has added ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification to its list of security capabilities

According to GrowjoUS, Vast Data‘s revenue is currently $11.5M per year and it has 68 employees. Total funding is $80m and it grew its employee count by 58 per cent last year.

Data replicator WANdisco has secured a $750,000 contract or its Fusion platform with an unnamed Chines phone maker. This is the second deal in the region won by WANdisco’s direct sales channel this year.