Quantum touts cloud-based subscription service

Quantum is adding cloud-based device management and product access via subscription.

Called Distributed Cloud Services, the software runs as a central hub to which Quantum products connect and send log files and other telemetry data about their environment.

This is a similar scheme to HPE’s (Nimble-based) InfoSight system and Quantum is following Pure Storage and many others in providing analytics derived from centrally-stored and analysed telemetry data.

Quantum said its services team can proactively manage the customer’s Quantum products, either as an operational service or on pay-per-use basis.

Cloud-based analytics software is available now across most of Quantum’s product lines, and customers can start sending data to cloud-based analytics software today and access their content via a web-based portal at no charge.

Quantum Operational Services and Storage-as-a-Service Offerings are generally available now, with tape, DXi deduping backup target appliance and StorNext file management available through subscription.