Zerto melds backup and disaster recovery for time-saving loveliness

Zerto has released Zerto 7.0, an update of its eponymous software that converges backup and disaster recovery using hypervisor-based replication and journalling for short- and long-term retention.

According to Zerto, a combined backup and disaster recovery system for virtualized servers improves data recovery and saves time, management effort and money. Its technology allows you to achieve RPOs of seconds using journal checkpoints up to 30 days ago, instead of a 24-hour recovery time frame.

Source data is copied to an on-site target system for fast recovery and then on to a public cloud repository for longer-term storage.

In a press release announcing Zerto 7.0, a customer, Michael Sallie, who is senior systems engineer at Yanfeng Automotive Interiors, provided a supporting quote: “DR and backup are both time-intensive and redundant tasks for our IT team. With the convergence of the two, we’ll see much less of our team’s time spent managing them separately.”

Blocks & Files notes that Zerto supports any-to-any mobility between vSphere, Hyper-V, AWS, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure and any of several hundred Zerto-powered Cloud Service Providers (CSPs).

Zerto offers a handy bullet point list of Zerto 7.0 features here. Check out a Zerto Software architecture guide here (registration needed) and a v7.0 datasheet here.