Read this! The database market’s long-awaited shake-up

I’ am bewildered by all the changes in the database market. It used to be so simple with relational databases but then along came NoSQL and the confusion started.

Today there are multiple types of non-relational databases, public cloud databases, business analytics databases and unified relational-NoSQL databases and graph databases and ….

William Blair database report diagram

It has become too much for generalists to easily comprehend what’s going on.

And so my thanks goes to Jason Ader, an analyst at William Blair, who has written a comprehensive report on the database market report, in which he details technology development trends, classifies products, sizes the market and profiles the main players.

William Blair kindly says we can distribute it to our readers and here it is;

To download the report click on this: William Blair Database Market report

Blocks & Files hopes you find it a useful read.