Dell blabs mid-range storage box details – but not to us

Earlier this month we asked Dell EMC to discuss the features of its upcoming unified mid-range storage server. The company declined our request, saying it was too soon to talk.

But what’s this? Check out the February 7 CRN interview with Dell Technologies Vice Chairman Jeff Clarke, who said the new box would have:

  • A container-based architecture using micro-services
  • A  news software stack supporting
  • NVMe drives,
  • NVMe over Fabrics
  • Future storage-class, persistent memory products 
  • A new filesystem
  • AI-based management

Compare this with our own suggestions that we helpfully shared with Dell to try and get the conversation started.

  • Controllers based on Dell servers
  • A new file system to cope with burgeoning file data growth
  • A new software stack to cope with new storage media
  • SSDs for fast access data
  • Disk drives for bulk capacity data
  • NVMe drive support
  • NVMe-oF support (Ethernet, Fibre Channel and TCP versions)
  • Architecture supporting storage-class (persistent) memory
  • Support for persistent memory NVDIMMs and SSDs
  • AI-driven admin like PowerMax
  • AI-driven migration from Unity + XtremIO + SC + ScaleIO to the new box

itI seems we got it mostly right after all. Will the name be PowerServe as one source has suggested?