Komprise dives into deep analytics search

Komprise is developing a deep analytics function underpinned by an index of all the files in a global namespace that whirs away in the background while it operates as a file management facility for accessing migrated files through dynamic links.

The single virtual index of file locations and the metadata for that file is distributed across multiple virtual machines (VMs). At least one VM must be on a separate server.

At a briefing today Komprise COO, President and and co-founder Krishna Subramanian said the index will not be used to access files for read and write operations. This is performed through the normal file:folder structure.

Krishna Subramanian

Instead the index is used to search through the file estate to find a subset using any combination of metadata items. For example, find every file created by Tom Blenkinsop in the last five years with “credit” as a keyword.

Actions for this subset include moving to Hadoop for analytics, migration to another data centre or transfer to a public cloud for archiving.

Komprise is developing the software with some of the cash it scooped up last month in a $24m C-round. Seven customers are beta-testing this deep analytics function.