Cisco to resell Cohesity

Cisco has taken Cohesity into its SolutionsPlus program, enabling internal sales teams to flog Cohesity software products.

Cisco’s Vijay Venugopal, senior director, product management, HyperFlex, had a supporting quote: “Through the new solution, Cisco and Cohesity can offer the entire data stack for both primary and secondary data in an integrated architecture.” 

Cohesity software converges all secondary storage into one repository. The company’s backup and recovery products such as DataProtect are now available on Cisco UCS servers and HyperFlex hyper-converged systemsThe joint systems are available for all customers worldwide on March 15, 2019.

The Cisco SolutionsPlus agreement includes joint sales, marketing, service and support, and product roadmap alignment between Cisco and Cohesity.

Cisco is a strategic investor in Cohesity, participating in two funding rounds.