Lenovo moves HCI partnerships closer to the edge

Lenovo has teamed up with Pivot3 and Scale Computing for its HCI needs, and aiming full tilt at edge computing with a new secure SE350 server.

The ThinkSystem SE350 is the first of a family of edge servers. It is a half-width, short-depth, 1U server with a Xeon-D processor, up to 16 cores, 256GB of RAM, and 16TB of internal solid-state storage.

Which way is up?

How secure is the SE350? “You touch it and it self-destructs the data,” Wilfrid Sotolongo, VP for IoT at Lenovo’s Data Centre Group said.

It can be hung on a wall, stacked on a shelf, or mounted in a rack. This server has a zero-touch deployment system, is tamper-resistant and data is encrypted. 

Lenovo ThinkSystem SE350

Networking options include wired 10/100Mb/1GbitE, 1GbitE SFP, 10GBASE-T, and 10GbitE SFP+, secure wireless Wi-Fi and cellular LTE connections. 

Expect to see this in Lenovo IoT hyperconverged systems using Pivot3 and Scale Computing software.

Its partnership with Pivot3 is aimed at video security and surveillance use cases in smart city and safe campus deployments. For instance, a Middle East customer used the combo with SecureTech to secure a sprawling hotel complex, the company said.

Lenovo loves edge computing

Lenovo quotes Gartner numbers showing about 10 per cent of of enterprise-generated data is created and processed today outside a centralised data centre or public cloud. By  2022 that will jump to 75 per cent, creating a much bigger edge market.

Lenovo positions its Scale Computing hookup for retail HCI with customers such as Delhaize that deploy mini-data centres. It provides edge infrastructure that can run IT and IoT workloads, detect and correct infrastructure errors to maximise application uptime. The technology is manageable remotely or on-site by non IT teams. 

Lenovo has a third card to play. It is working with VMware on Project Dimension – on-premises VMware Cloud. The idea here is to provide infrastructure-as-a-service to locations on-premises, particularly those on the edge.

Lenovo demonstrates IoT and edge solutions next week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.