Your occasional storage digest: Compuverde, Igneous, Quantum, Asigra – and more

Ok folks,  this week’s round up of news from storageland that didn’t make the front page.  Shall we begin.


This firm provides vNAS scale-out NAS software which is used by IBM in its Spectrum NAS product.

It’s updated the product to provide support for backup through network data management protocol (NDMP) in a three-way configuration, with support for full, differential and incremental backups, full restore and file level restore.

There is also22 per cent higher throughput compared to the previous version (1.7.0). Latency is lower overall, up to 40 per cent lower at approximately 80 per cent throughput and above.

Metro cluster has real-time cache synchronization between sites. And iSCSI iscenhanced wityn enhanced with multi-path ALUA for automatic traffic flow control.

Igneous gets triple cloudy

Igneous has strengthened integration with Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure to enable granular control and greater efficiency for multi-cloud data management strategies.

Igneous enables customers to automatically replicate backup exports and archive datasets to Microsoft Azure’s Hot, Cool, and Archive storage tiers; Google Cloud Platform’s Regional, Nearline, and Coldline storage tiers; and Amazon Web Services’ S3 Standard, S3 Infrequent Access (IA), and Glacier storage tiers.

The company says it delivers the only Unstructured Data Management (UDM) as-a-Service offering, giving data-centric enterprises visibility, protection, and data mobility at scale. Its API-enabled, cloud-native product combines all UDM functions so organizations can see, protect, analyze, and leverage all of their unstructured data, wherever datasets and workflows live


Quantum has lost two execs. Bill Britts, EVP Operations and Global Services, has left Quantum, having originally joined through the ADIC acquisition in 2006. He’d been at ADIC for 11 years.

Chris Wills, VP Financial Planning and Analysis, also left Quantum in October, after 12 years on the headcount. He also joined through the ADIC acquisition.  Possibly having ADIC in your CV if you are a Quantum exec is not such a good idea these days.

Danny Yamin has joined the board of storage upstart Reduxio  to help define its strategic and operational direction, and help in identifying and supporting partnerships in Asia. He recently left a position as Microsoft’s VP for Enterprise Business, Greater China and was previously general manager for Microsoft Israel for 10 years (2005 – 2015).

Replication business WANdisco has appointed Bob Corey as Senior Non‐Executive Director and Vice Chairman. The company has a market cap of more than £400m, employing hundreds in both Sheffield and Silicon Valley. Its software is used by over 5 million businesses worldwide, including Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Nokia, Cisco and Walmart. It partners with Amazon, Alibaba, Google and IBM to help firms migrate to and run their business from the public cloud.

Storage nibs

Managed Service Providers can provide backup and recovery services for Office 365 Exchange mailboxes by automatically backing them up to Altaro’s Microsoft Azure infrastructure. With this latest offering, Altaro extends B2B data protection solutions beyond virtual machine (VM) backup for more than 8,000 partners and MSPs worldwide. Free trial for MSPs here.

Cloud backup provider Asigra says the UK’s Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) has deployed Asigra Cloud Backup Evolved V14 powered data protection services by Data2Vault. PCS upgraded to protect against ransomware attacks and for compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

DCIG has produced a Pocket Analysis Report looking at Nutanix and Dell EMC’s VxRail product.  It identifies six ways the HCI solutions from these two providers differentiate themselves from one another. This 4-page report includes a detailed feature matrix as well as insight into six key differentiators between these two HCI solutions. It’s available for for $99.95 via the TechTrove  marketplace or free of charge from Unitrends for a short time.

DDN is storing Martian data. NASA’s Mars InSight lander  is preparing for arrival on Mars on Monday, November 26, to study the crust, core and mantle of the planet, using drilling techniques. The landing will take place in a lava plain landscape called Elysium Planitia. InSight will remain where it lands and collect data from there, sending the data 91 million miles back to the DDN EXAScaler systems on Earth where deep analysis and simulation will occur. All the recording EDL (Entry, Descent and Landing) data is stored on the EXAScaler as well.

Dutch insurer De Goudse has selected HubStor to simplify its data management and leverage Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure. HubStor Hhas a PaaS-native architecture that runs in Azure which customers use to protect, tier, and manage data from various on-premises and cloud-based apps and infrastructure.