Tintri co-founders join DDN

Tintri co-founders Kieran Harty and Mark Gritter have joined DDN’s Tintri business unit.  Gritter assumes the CTO position while Harty has the more nebulous role of “full-time advisor”.

Mark Gritter.

In a statement Gritter said: “With DDN’s broad market reach, significant financial investments, and synergistic data storage technologies, I’m inspired to lead Tintri by DDN’s engineering innovation into broader data management, analytics and hybrid cloud areas.”

DDN bought the company out of Chapter 11 bankruptcy for $60m in July 2018. It pledged to maintain all support contracts and aims to hire 100 people for its new business unit by year-end.

DDN customer win

In related news, the University of Michigan’s Advanced Research Computing – Technology Services unit has bought 5PB of DDN storage for its Locker Large-File Storage service. This includes massive raw video files and sensor data produced by Mcity, an urban test facility for connected and automated vehicles.

 Large image datasets generated by electron microscopy churns out more data. As does a university-wide Precision Health initiative that applies genomic, epigenetic and public policy research to better understand the risk factors associated with long-term opioid use and abuse. This is classic academic DDN storage use.

DDN announced its A3I systems today; storage arrays twinned with Nvidia GPU servers. With this entry into enterprise AI server/storage  and the Tintri enterprise storage array business DDN is stepping energetically  outside its supercomputing comfort zone.