Druva heads Churchward for boardroom advice

Guy Churchward, the former CEO of Data Torrent, has joined back-up vendor Druva as a board-level advisor.

Real time data ingestor Data Torrent withdrew from the fray in May this year, and Churchward started advising Druva in August, according to LinkedIn.

Churchward was Core Technologies President at Dell EMC before resigning to run Data Torrent. His CV includes stints as President and CEO of LogLogic, VP and GM of the Data Protection Group at NetApp,  VP and GM of BEA’s WebLogic Products Group, and senior management positions at Sun Microsystems (formerly Tarantella Inc.), The Santa Cruz Operation (formerly IXI), Accenture (formerly Binder Hamlyn) and Olivetti. The guy has been around the block a few times.

He currently sits on the board at Datera, a startup which supplies Elastic Data Fabric scale-out, block access, server-based storage software running in x86 servers.

Why did Druva avail itself of Churchward’s advice?  In an email interview CEO Jaspreet Singh told us:  “Guy is a very accomplished guy – and we know each other since EMC invested in Druva.”

Druva CEO Jaspreet Singh

“Guy has built a strong foundation in data management, protection, and storage [and] will be playing a critical role in helping us on product roadmap and direction. And I am closely working with him on a few strategic product opportunities which we can’t speak about yet.”

Maybe 2019 will reveal the strategic product opportunities Singh mentioned. ®