XtremIO gets Botox filler for competitive holes

XtremIO has had a Botox software release, filling up Nimble and SolidFire competitive holes in its offering.

It’s good to catch up with competition, even if it takes several years. XtremIO admins can now control noisy neighbours and have cloud-based analytics make their arrays run sweeter, courtesy of XtremIO x2 v6.2 software.

NetApp-acquired SolidFire majored on noisy neighbour control while HPE-acquired Nimble stood out with its cloud-based array analytics. Now XtremIO X2 is on an equal footing with these  competitors.

Release details are listed in a Dell EMC blog. The analytics comes from Dell EMC’s CloudIQ. Integration with this is now built-into XtremIO X2 v6.2, enabling admins to track storage health, predict utilisation requirements, and detect anomalies for one or multiple storage systems.

The point SW release adds the ability to control IOPS or bandwidth and so limit load on test/dev, repurpose copies to prevent impact on production copies, avoid the noisy neighbour problem and remove the risk of application hogging in multi-tenant environments.

Other improvements include support for unbalanced configurations, and larger 3.84TB SSD X-Bricks, meaning up to 230TB raw capacity per X-Brick. Admins can also execute VMware integrated Copy Data Management (iCDM) activities directly from the XtremIO Management System (XMS), rather than having to switch into VMware mode. B&F

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