Snowflake gets closer to an IPO with CFO hire

Date warehousing in the cloud startup Snowflake has hired a CFO.

Thomas Tuchscherer starts at once and his CV is interesting; before Prior to Snowflake, he spent eight years as Talend’s CFO, leading Talend through a successful IPO and helping the company increase revenue 20x. 

Before Talend, he had finance exec stints at SAP, Business Objects and Cartesis.

It looks like Snowflake could be gearing up for an IPO.

Thomas Tuchscherer

Snowflake CEO, Bob Muglia issued a welcome quote saying the usual good stuff about a new hires: “I am delighted to have him on board to help Snowflake navigate through this phase of rapid growth and global expansion.”

Tuchscherer’s quote was the usual mind-numbing PR gush: “Snowflake has developed a disruptive, cloud-built data warehouse-as-a-service and the company’s number-one value is to ‘put customers first’. Snowflake has a tremendous market opportunity in transforming how companies share data across and beyond their organisations. I look forward to working with the Snowflake team to serve our customers, grow our business and realise our mission of enabling every organisation to be data-driven.”

B&F thinks that Snowflake’s IPO will be tremendous, and make lots of people very rich. B&F