Scality bumps up its open source credentials

Object storage supplier and multi-cloud data management wannabe Scality has joined the Cloud Native Computing and Linux Foundations, and announced a MetalK8s open source Kubernetes distribution.

Scality moved into the multi-cloud era with its Zenko product, an open-source public cloud gateway and controller. This is an S3-based data mover, moving data from on-premises apps out to AWS or Azure clouds to be stored in native format, and moved back again if needed.

MetalK8s grew out of Scality’s Zenko development team’s search for the best way to manage Zenko on-premises for large customers. Early versions of Zenko employed Docker Swarm, which was thought to be too limited.

No existing Kubernetes implementation was satisfactory to the Zenko team so they built their own; MetalK8s.

Scality says it has “a strong foundation with the open source installer, Kubespray, and other tools, like Prometheus and Grafana. However, because the Scality team has parsed the often baffling options, MetalK8s’ deployments only require few key decisions from operators. The result is a simplified deployment path for a new Kubernetes cluster on bare-metal, with easier long-term maintenance.”

There is a MetalK8s GitHub project.  

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