Liqid composes new NVMe SSDs

Composable systems supplier Liqid has intro’d a fast access Element NVMe SSD with up to 32TB capacity and two form factors.

The  88NR2241 HH-HL form factor AIC product has a PCIe gen3 x8 Interface with 7 GB/sec throughput, 1.5M IOPS (4KB) and up to 4 x 8TB modules.

Prior 16TB Element AIC SSD product

A 2.5-inch format 88NR2241 has a PCIe gen3 x4 or x2x2 (Dual Port) interface, 3.6 GB/sec  throughput,  850K IOPS (4KB) and 16TB max’ capacity with 4 x 4TB modules.

The 2.5-inch product has half the capacity and performance of the HH-HL product.

Back in August Liqid announced a PCIe gen 4 x16 Element NVMe SSD with Broadcom’s PLX88000 PCIe 4 switches, speeds up to ~25GB/sec and up to ~3.5m IOPS (4KB). There can be up to 8 x M.2 modules per card, with the same 32TB maximum capacity. The SSD has power loss protection and a multi-port capability for multi-host access.

The latest 88NR2241-powered SSDs are slower than the Broadcom-powered ones in both bandwidth and IOPS and have the same maximum 32TB capacity. How do the two products compare and contrast? 

Liqid CEO Sumit Puri told us: “The two solutions share a lot in common, including similar performance capabilities. The main difference is that the Marvell version supports HW RAID and HW dual port support. On the PLX version RAID and Dual Port require a driver. Liqid’s expertise with the PLX version was helpful in our collaboration with Marvell on on the Marvell 88NR2241-enabled Liqid Element solutions.”