Rubrik goes on boardroom celebrity trophy hunt

Mega-financed data management startup Rubrik has appointed ex-Cisco boss John Chambers as a board advisor.

Chambers, now Chairman Emeritus of Cisco, and founder and CEO of JC2 Ventures, has also invested in Rubrik, adding to its near $300m funding total.

John Chambers.

JC2 Ventures says it’s about “Teaming with strategic, visionary startups, we hope to create new jobs, new markets and new possibilities for generations to come.” JC2? Where did that name come from? Jesus Chri…..? No, no. How could we ever think that!

Bipul Sinha, Co-founder and CEO, Rubrik, released a canned quote: “John’s ability to identify market transitions and capitalize on them to maximum effect has made him a go-to advisor for world leaders.”

World leaders! Are we supposed to think of the likes of Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel and so forth?

Chambers’ canned quote went like this: “When I talk to Rubrik CEO Bipul Sinha about his vision for growing and scaling Rubrik, I have no doubt that the company is on its way to becoming a multibillion dollar business.”

Are we seeing somewhat excessive mutual flattery here?

Rubrik has also appointed Avon Puri, former VMware VP of Business Applications, as its Chief Information Officer (CIO). B&F