A bigger splash: Attala dives into hot data lake

Attala has announced Attala Data Lake (ADL) multi-tenant software, designed to pour a massive pool of data in a tailored shared hot shared cache box.

Attala produces FGPA-driven SSDs for direct NVMe-oF access to targeted drives and a composable NVMe storage resource. The concept for its new product is store a data lake on NVMe flash for faster-than-disk and SAS/SATA SSD access by multiple real-time applications. A shared flash cache as it were.

Deep Storage founder and chief scientist Howard Marks has provided a prepared quote for Attala: “Users can, and have, installed NVMe SSDs directly into their compute nodes, but that increases costs and complexity. Attala Systems’ new multi-tenant hot data lake capability provides shared high-performance NVMe storage to real-time analytics applications, simplifying deployment and reducing costs.”

The ADL software module provides centralised management and provisioning of the hot data lake. Attala says the result is ” low-cost, high-performance solution for real-time analytic applications.” 

Yes, but not exactly low-cost; SSDs in sufficient capacity have to be bought and that won’t be cheap, unless we are talking about data puddles and not data lakes.

The ADL module is available for evaluation by select customers and partners, and will be generally available in the fourth 2018 quarter.